Intelligent design with world class fabrication.


We’ve married intelligent design, based on over 30 years of experience, with world class fabrication capabilities. Our briners are produced in several manufacturing sites nation wide and plant selection is based on the logistics and delivery requirements of your project.

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Need to go underground?

Only at BrineMaker. Our patented Underground Brine Generating System is engineered to reliably deliver saturated brine to your process. When getting it right the first time is important, and underground systems always are, you can trust BrineMaker’s experience to deliver. 

*Patent #8,695,632 issued April 15, 2014

Rental Briners

In response to the marketplace, we have developed a fleet of Rental Briners. These can be utilized to bridge the gap between your immediate brine needs and delivery of your new briner. A Rental Briner may also be the logical solution to your temporary or seasonal requirements. We offer the only Rental Briner in the industry...another first from BrineMaker.


Every component of your briner is designed to provide you with long term, maintenance-free performance. We continue to evaluate and innovate around each design feature of our briners. (While our laurels aren’t bad, we refuse to rest on them and will strive to continually be better.) With more than 1,000 units installed, you can be confident in BrineMaker.

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We work with everybody

Our customer list reads like a “Who’s Who” of business and industry, including system OEM’s, food processors, municipalities, refineries, hotels, hospitals, universities, commercial laundries, textile dyeing houses, chemical plants, bio-pharm, consulting engineers and auto manufacturers.