Nut Seasoning Project

When a major processor of pistachios and almonds needed to produce tens of thousands of gallons of saturated brine for make-up of their seasoning recipes, they turned to BrineMaker. Saturated brine was the foundation upon which their product development plans relied to enable them to season and roast truckloads of nuts on a daily basis.

With the capacity to produce 160,000 gallons of saturated brine daily, our customer is able to satisfy a hungry world with the most flavorful pistachios and almonds available. Brine is blended with seasonings and then sprayed onto the nuts as they are conveyed into the roasting ovens.

When your process depends on a consistent and reliable supply of saturated brine to keep your plant up and running, every detail matters; location of connections, size of connections, water distribution, brine collection, venting, dust collection, pressure relief, access, cleanout capabilities, ease of maintenance for minimal down time … doing things right the first time will translate into more “up time”, increased production and increased profits … we get it.


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