Poly Briners


Polyethlene vessels built to ASTM D1998 standards and designed specifically for the application are an outstanding material of choice for high performance briners. When compared to other materials of construction, poly briners compare very favorably in the areas of lead time, warranty, performance and value. Having several manufacturing locations enables us to minimize freight costs and enhance our ability to meet your delivery requirements.

Our capabilities include providing a vessel which carries an NSF 61 certification specific to sodium chloride brine. For food industry applications, we will fabricate the briner vessel utilizing food grade resins and materials

If you’re not already familiar with poly briners, it can be helpful to know that these same poly vessels are widely used to store concentrated sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, ferric chloride, and other highly corrosive chemicals used in the industrial and municipal markets. We have supplied high performance poly briners for over twenty years; their credentials are well established.


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